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Dr. Reinhart carries many common veterinary medications and will bring them with her to your home, based on the nature of your appointment. If she does not carry a particular drug, she has access to an online pharmacy called VetSource for her clients. If you are a client with No Place Like Home Mobile Pet Vet, you can order your pet’s prescriptions and supplies from our online store.

You must have a valid client/patient/doctor relationship to order prescriptions there, which means Dr. Reinhart must have physically examined your pet within the past year, and in the case of heartworm preventative, have done or have proof of a negative heartworm test within the year.

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Online Pharmacy FAQs

How do I set up an account for the online pharmacy?

You can apply for your own account at VetSource​ and Dr. Reinhart will receive an email for her to approve your order. Otherwise, Dr. Reinhart can help you set up an account with VetSource while she is visiting your home so that you can shop for medications and supplies for your pet.

How competitive is the pricing on the online pharmacy?

Dr. Reinhart has competitively priced all the medications, diets and particularly heartworm as well as flea and tick preventatives in her online pharmacy by asking for suggested retail pricing from the manufacturers.

What about shipping costs?

Shipping costs can vary, sometimes significantly, depending on the medication or food being ordered through the online pharmacy. The best way to keep the shipping cost-effective without any variance, sign up for auto shipping. The shipping is free and your delivery date is your decision! You can always log in to your account and change your shipping date if you overestimated or underestimated how quickly you need the food, or cancel auto shipping at any time.

What if I can't find a product on the online pharmacy that I like to use with my pet?

If there is a product you prefer that isn’t on her online pharmacy, let Dr. Reinhart know. She may be able to request adding that item to the site.

How do I pay for my products?

All products that you order through this website are paid for by you, using VISA, MasterCard or Discover. Your card won’t be charged for prescription food or medications, until Dr. Reinhart has reviewed and approved the prescriptions. Sometimes Dr. Reinhart will put suggested items in your Care Cabinet (your personal list on your VetSource account). These and over-the-counter items, you pay for when you accept the order. Please have your card information available when you place your order.