At Home Pet Euthanasia in Wilmington, NC

Deciding when it is the right time to say goodbye to your pet is a difficult task. You don’t have to make this choice alone. Dr. Reinhart can help you decide when your pet is suffering and is ready to let go, and can help your pet do it quickly and with as little pain and fear as possible with our at home pet euthanasia services.

When you know the time is right, appointments for euthanasia are generally made between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Thursday, but Dr. Reinhart understands that sometimes, those are not convenient times for you, your family, or your pet. Fortunately, there are a few other euthanasia housecall practices in Wilmington that may be able to help you after hours. Feel free to call us, and we can redirect you to their services if necessary.

What to Expect With Pet Euthanasia

Some people like to know what to expect when their pet is euthanized in the home. First, a sedative injection will be given in the muscle of your pet. Sometimes it does briefly burn like a bee sting, but shortly thereafter your pet will drift off to sleep and will not be aware of what is happening after the sedative takes full effect.

Next, the final injection will be given to your pet into a vein. The beauty of the sedative is that your pet isn’t aware of this final injection at all. Once in a vein, the euthanasia solution takes effect immediately to stop the patient’s breathing, heart and gently end life.

At that point, Dr. Reinhart will verify your pet is deceased.

At Home Pet Euthanasia in Wilmington, NC


A decision will need to be made as to how to handle your pet’s remains after euthanasia:

  1. You can bury your pet (if local ordinances allow).
  2. You can have your pet cremated with no return of the ashes.
  3. You can have your pet cremated and have the ashes delivered back to you.

Dr. Reinhart or her assistant will coordinate your pet’s cremation with Perkins Goodbye Hugs Pet Cremation Service for your convenience.

You may also contact them directly at: Perkins Goodbye Hugs Pet Cremation Service, 910-612-9334

Or you may contact Southeastern Pet Cremation at 910-262-0464 or 910-762-7525

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